So you love making your own college basketball picks and can’t help but bet a few college games every week. You know you can only follow so many teams so you limit college basketball betting mostly to your own conference. You only bet teams you have actually watched play. Cheap Nike Free Run Sale You generally know the prior season won, loss records. You know something about the talent on every team in your conference and less perhaps but something about every team in your region.

You even know who lost their best players from the prior year and more than a bit about who replaced them. Cheap Air Max 2014 Sale You know about the levels of talent differences in other conferences and how cross conference play can create mismatches. You remember to look at these things regarding your own NCAA basketball picks. You try to know something about the opposing defenses and scoring habits, as well. Cheap Nike Free Run Australia You feel you have a handle on general scoring abilities in your region. You are getting better at over/under picks.

Further, you keep up with these things, constantly trying to improve your overall college basketball picks knowledge and general ability to predict winning teams. You make and follow many college basketball picks wholesale nike shoes you don’t bet and have diligently budgeted daily time to watch the news updates to stay on top of anything that might influence the outcome of games you are betting, such as injuries or suspensions.

You won’t bet unless you feel really confident about a college basketball bet, you simply do not bet some of your best basketball picks because they are too close to call against the spread. cheap jordans china You have even seen recent winning percentages climb for your games bet over those for games predicted. You feel you are about to become an actual serious sports handicapper!

You keep running percentages on your predictions your actual bets and while your NCAA basketball predictions have risen only 3 points to 55%; your actual bets have risen 5 points to 59%. There is another key indicator in your favor, you are starting to win money!

The trouble is now the NCAA tournament has snuck up on you and you are completely unprepared for all of these teams from across the What should you do? OK, you are in a better situation than you might think. Work backwards over the past few weeks and research free picks from some of the top handicappers online. See who had the best winning record. Be sure it is over 62% winning NCAA picks.

Now grab the sports handicapper’s NCAA picks package for the rest of the tournament. Make your own pick but only bet it if the sports handicapper NCAAB pick agrees with yours. These actually become consensus picks by having to be picked by you both in order for you to place the bet. Now bet kind of generously the rest of the tournament. You could end up with enough dough to buy a small pizza parlor. Hey, you know there’s a lot of dough in pizza!

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